"It just kinda bundles them altogether and I’m a fan of a lot of people, not just a fan of one person. So I don’t really like the fan name thing." -Ed Sheeran

My workplace treat employees like shit, it’s disgusting how I start at 9am and don’t get given a break until 2:30pm, excuse being ‘you’re here till half 4’ does that not mean I’m entitled to a break then? Then I ask if someone’s relieving me at my finish time, I get told yes, no one turns up and I get closed down 15 minutes late! I did 45 hours overtime in one month this month despite my illness and knowing I’m not meant to be working that much and don’t even get thanked at the end of the day, I do all that and that’s the thanks I get! I’m not a number I’m a human being and I expect to be treated like one! I’m taking this further on Tuesday..